P.C. Art Australia is a boutique hardware service. We custom build all types of computers to perfectly match the requirements and tastes of our clients. We do not sell components and are not affiliated with any manufacturer so can provide you with unbiased advice on which components are best for your needs and then build your computer with great care using decades of experience. 

P.C. Art Australia

When buying a new computer, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Getting these wrong can mean a computer that is frustrating to use, unable to cope with new requirements over its lifetime or even one that is simply an eye-sore.

Unless you're an experienced P.C. builder yourself, you are likely to fall into one of these traps of the P.C. market:

  • Brand name, pre-built P.C.s are overpriced for the components they contain which are generally inferior to custom components. They also have very poor compatibility with standard components which can result in great cost and difficulty if you need to perform upgrades due to new requirements. In most cases, an upgrade involves buying a new computer.
  • Computer stores are in the business of selling components, not P.C.s. They are heavens for P.C. builders but when you purchase a pre-built P.C. from them, the component selection will be mainly influenced by what they have excess stock of rather than what is best for your needs. These PCs are also usually built by inexperienced staff under great time constraints so the build quality suffers.

At P.C. Art Australia, we have the industry knowledge to select the P.C. components that are a perfect match for your needs and custom build them to the highest standards. This will provide you with a powerful, reliable, quiet, beautiful and easy to upgrade P.C. that will serve you well for many years. P.C.s we build usually fall into one of the following categories:


Business Workstations




Power User Workstations



Small and Home Business Servers



Gaming Computers


Custom Water Cooling




Multi-Purpose High End Systems



Home Theather P.C.s