Human Support Project aims to tackle the most important problem in modern society; mental wellbeing of individuals. There are various organizations putting in a valiant effort to educate the public about mental health issues and reduce stigma. Our role in helping those individuals is to empower them, their carers and associated health care professionals by creating comprehensive and integrated tools that keep the focus on the individual while making it simpler to form and inform support networks. We believe that mental and/or emotional problems can only be helped by other humans and we seek to encourage and facilitate that through our software range.

Human Support Project

Human Support Project is a new initiative to develop a comprehensive and integrated set of tools to support the human condition. It's main goals are to:

  • Provide a single point of engagement for users to keep track of their wellbeing.
  • Use that point of engagement to power predictive systems that can alert the user and/or assigned carers about any problems that may need attention such as the onset of psychological or psychiatric problems.
  • Allow users to create support networks and choose how much information to share with different members of that network.
  • Empower people in those support networks by providing context sensitive information about other users' condition (if the user chooses to share this information with them).

This project is at the design and inception stage and we are looking for more team members with relevant skills and experience. We are also funding most of this project ourselves but donations are welcome and we will be launching our crowd funding campaign shortly. We want to build the best product(s) for the users. Private, government and community organizations and NFPs are welcome to collaborate but we are not willing to get into any arrangements that might require us to compromise our objectives in any way.