I.T. Consultancy, Business Analysis and Technical Strategy, Project Management, Software Development.

These are just a small sample of I.T. services we can offer your business. Our model is based on providing customized services for the needs of individual clients and collaboration on joint ventures. We provide ethical, effective, wise, graceful and creative solutions to our partners and clients in the most cost effective way possible.

SUSOY Consulting

SUSOY Consulting is a launchpad for various initiatives and services by me, Ozgur Susoy.


I combine more than 20 years of experience in the I.T. industry with a passion for using technology for social good and a scientific/creative streak. In order to better define the services I offer, my business is made up of three parts:

  • Social Justice Builders is a social initative to assist front line organizations in helping the disadvantaged. Unlike other requirements, I.T. operations (especially development of custom software) are not well suited for volunteer work. They require sustained dedication and focus which, understandably, most people need to reserve for paid work. The only other option available to these organizations has been commercial professional services which normally have extremely high costs associated with them. My focus with Social Justice Builders is to provide these professional services at rates affordable to charities, not-for-profit organizations and social startups. What I charge for these services and how I engage a client is on a case by case basis and I am very flexible in my business approach for these projects. This is an open inititive and collaborators can be called to assist for complicated projects.


  • SUSOY Consulting is used for projects that don't qualify for the Social Justice Builders initiative. As that is currently my main focus, a project would need to be very interesting to make it here. Any new initiatives also stay under the banner of SUSOY Consulting until they are better defined.
  • P.C. Art Australia focuses on computer hardware. I rarely have time for this area of my business but keep it active due to my passion for computers and networking. P.C. Art can cater for any hardware needs from the simple office P.C. to small and home office servers and networks as well as home entertainment (HTPC) and high end, water cooled gaming systems. I build each P.C. personally, perfectly designed around your needs and aesthetic preferences. P.C. Art is a high priority component of my business so if you're after a high quality computer, I can usually fit it in with other work if need be.

In combination, I can cater for any I.T. needs you might have. Please use the contact form to give me a general idea of your needs and I will get back to you with how I can assist.